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Neil had the courage to write on my modification contract that a modification was "guaranteed". He "guaranteed" something he knew could not deliver.

These people have no idea what they are doing. He took me for a fool feeding on my need on a modification on a mortgage under water and illness in the family. What was delivered: a sheriff sale!!! Safe your money and stay away from this scam.

But it is election time, and the ATTORNEY GENERAL OFFICE will hear from us, tv and radio news people loves this kind of story, do not give up...keep fighting.

The very least Neil can do is return our money. He failed to delivered services paid for mortgage modifications.

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Same thing happen to my family, He stole 3200.00 and never delivered no loan mod. I called when I received the letter that they were going out of business.

I told Mr. Neal that I would like my money back beings that this was a "GUARANTEED" LOAN MOD. He yelled and hung up on me.

What a scam!!! If anyone has away of getting they money back please let me know.



I'm amazed at what I am reading, This man Neal and company saved my home. And I am 2 hours away from this guy.

He took the time to come see me at my home. Not only did he guarantee me, but they delivered ! The best 3,500 I invested.

Lowered my mortgage and saved my home. I'm extremely greatful and Happy with Mortgage Help Of America.

Vincentown, New Jersey, United States #1297351

Are you both legit retarded? This guy saved my house FROM A SHERIFF SALE!

you all are probly pissy and messing his name up becuase you messed up your own deal, or didnt send them the documents needed, or in some way just messed it up.

Quit ruining this mans name because he does run a legitimate buisness!! -SATISFIED customer


did same for me hes a *** scam artist tell you what ever you want to hear and when time comes they do what you could do yourself prob why hes got a big body guard at the office which looks like it should have wheels on it to relocate quick dont get involved he lies and you can do it yourself

to gonni #1472243

The exact same thing happened to me these people are a bunch of scumbags charged me $3,200 had my case for 8 months and did not do anything one day I got a notice of Sheriff's sale now they're going to hear from my fraud attorney Mister van I'm not putting up with your rip-off *** I want my money back and if I can put your *** out of business I'm going to ***

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