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We paid almost $4000 for this company to lose our house for us! We worked with them for over a year. At the initial meeting we were told people would be in weekly contact with us to review progress, that they could absolutely help us, that they consistently got 2% interest rates, on and on. ALL LIES!

I had difficulty ever reaching the person assigned to our case - (supposedly she was their top account person!) she was either on another call, in a meeting or would call me back, etc. That RARELY happened and when it did I found her to be short, curt, rude, egotistic, arrogant and full of lies! On our second call she started yelling at ME!!!

During the course of our interactions I spoke to the owner of the company once - second time I tried his cell phone was no longer in service and even when I left messages I was NEVER able to get him again.

We gave this company everything they requested in regards to paperwork or money! We were assured EVERY phone call (when I could make contact which was rare) - "things were progressing; they were fine" Right up to a week before we received the sheriff's sale notice, that's what we were told. Our attorney said there was NO WAY they could deliver on what they said and it was an "out and out case of FRAUD".

We were scammed; they CANNOT do what they say they will do in the majority of cases. All they are interested in is money - example - when they wanted ANOTHER $750 for THEIR "guys" to do a P & L statement - my CPA's wasn't good enough. I was told "somehow, their guys make the numbers work".

We were lied to from the initial meeting until a week before the sheriffs sale notice. Right now the State Attorney General's Office has so many complaints against this company they already have an investigator assigned to them!!!!!!! Check it out for yourself!

I am devastated more than anyone can imagine. This company was hired to SAVE my house (which they said they could do time and time again)! Instead, because they didn't do what they said they would or could I have to move out of my home, not just a house, but my home! Don't EVER trust YOUR HOME to this company.

Monetary Loss: $4000.

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I have signed up with Neal Van .. I'm worried after reading all this negitive comment on he ! My email is if any one has any comments on Neal Van Thank you !


These people did all they could to help and and save my house and they did just that. If you lost your house it is your own fault.

They were always so accommodating whenever I would call.

You must also realize that they are a company and have MANY clients calling on a daily basis so if they cannot talk to you 3 times a day you should take that is a GOOD sign because it means they are busy and not just sitting around on their *** like you people who clearly don't work or make enough money to pay your mortgage.



Hi can you tell me more about this I can be reached at I met with them on Friday

to Anonymous #1126912

My attorney, who looked into this, told us it was a case of fraud, that we were flat out lied to. We tried to be in constant contact with them but they were also very hard to reach or get return calls from.

When they first came to our house they lied to us too (although we didn't know it at the time). We constantly asked if there was anything else they needed; did they need us to talk to the mortgage company, etc. We were told time and time again "everything's fine; it's progressing". A friend of mine also used them but our attorney was able to save her house just in time.

The same thing almost happened to her.

There are other companies that are legit. I would not walk away, but RUN as far and as fast as you can from this company!

New Jersey, United States #896212

You lost your house! If you don't pay your mortgage for 5 years of course you are going to lose your house!

You can blame whoever you want but YOU DIDN'T PAY YOUR MORTGAGE for years before you went to some company to save you! If you were so worried about losing your home why didn't you hire a lawyer like most people. To cheap! I get tired of reading all these reviews when the only person you should be looking at his yourself.

You are most likely a dead beat who didn't pay his mortgage and never saved any money!

Probably got credit card debt galore. Typical.

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